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Well I entered the world on 25th June 2010, the day after mummys birthday. That picture up there was one of the first daddy took of me. We were all fine and was home the next day. As I am now at 9weeks, I love being in my swing, on my play gym or in the bath kicking my legs around (ready for daddy to take me footie) I'm quite the dribbler!! I do love cuddles though :) I do have my screaming fits, excersising the lungs, I get passed from mummy to daddy then back to mummy till eventually I fall asleep, bouncing me does wonders. So I'm pretty much the same as every other 9week old on the block, only difference is I have Cystic Fibrosis. I will get mummy to explain it as best she can for you and will try to keep you as up to date with everything as we can. So here is my story.....

Monday, 1 November 2010

Monday 25th October.....4 months old....

I'm 4 months old today and after speaking with the dietitian mummy has decided to give me some other food that's not milk. Its yummy :) I have had baby rice and all sorts of fruits and vegetables. My overall favourite is sweet potato, i love that. We make a bit of a mess but hey that's part of the fun.

"have i got something on my face?"

I forgot to mention, a couple of weeks ago Katie (my cf nurse from brompton) came round to check up on us and help mummy fill out some forms. She had the results of my bronchoscopy. ALL CLEAR. There was no mucus or secretions, my airways were clear and when they sent the washings off to the lab, nothing grew. Great news, for now anyway. She didn't have the results of the ph study (the probe to check for reflux) on her and called the next day. Apparently i am refluxing and quite a lot too, not that i knew it. So that's another 2 different medicines to add to the list. I don't know how mummy keeps up with it all...

Ethan x

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