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Well I entered the world on 25th June 2010, the day after mummys birthday. That picture up there was one of the first daddy took of me. We were all fine and was home the next day. As I am now at 9weeks, I love being in my swing, on my play gym or in the bath kicking my legs around (ready for daddy to take me footie) I'm quite the dribbler!! I do love cuddles though :) I do have my screaming fits, excersising the lungs, I get passed from mummy to daddy then back to mummy till eventually I fall asleep, bouncing me does wonders. So I'm pretty much the same as every other 9week old on the block, only difference is I have Cystic Fibrosis. I will get mummy to explain it as best she can for you and will try to keep you as up to date with everything as we can. So here is my story.....

Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday 6th August

This morning mummy took me to to be registered. They kept us waiting for what seemed like years and i got a little agitated. However after the longest wait ever we were called in. All that for a whopping 10minutes to ask a couple of questions and for mummy to sign a couple of things. That's it I'm all legal, no hiding me now.

This afternoon me and mummy are off to the Brompton for my first clinic appointment. Grandad Trev is coming with us because mummy is not completely sure how to get there. She will learn one day. So when we get there we are all taken into our own little room. People with CF are not supposed to mix to avoid cross contamination so that's why we all have separate rooms. First of all a lady calls us to go and do my weight etc. Argh, here comes the cold naked bit again.....well in 1week 2days i have put on a huge 1lb 5oz, I'm now 9lb 6oz. I am getting taller too, well longer they say. Anyway back to our little room and we see all the people we saw a couple weeks ago at the induction. They were just checking in to make sure m&d were doing my physio correct and getting on ok with the medicines etc and just altogether to see if we are all getting on ok. They have to take a cough swab from me too, not very nice. The lady sticks like an extra long cotton bud to the back of my throat to tickle my tonsils to make me cough. They then send that off to be analysed to check to see if i have any nasty bugs or bacteria taking up home in my lungs, Luckily however i have not had any 'squatters' so far. Hopefully with the physio and meds we should be able to keep the 'squatters' out.

Today mummy signed me up for a medical study. This is a few extra little tests to try and help the doctors learn a bit more. The first one i will need to have is called a lung function test, we will get the appointment through soon. Joy more prodding and poking but like mummy said, its all extra care for me to check I'm still doing well and if it helps other little babies like me in the future then hey, I'm gain!

All done here, the docs say I'm doing fine and i feel it too.

Ethan x

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